Artist Proof Package


Signed by Stigler & Brown Includes Certificate, photos, plus additional black & white companion print
"Return of the Pub" by the artist

Publisher Proof Package


Signed by Stigler & Brown Includes same items as Artist Proof Package, plus aluminum skin relic from an actual ETO Combat B-17

Display Edition


Signed by Artist only Includes Certificate of Authenticity

ABOUT A Higher Call

Encountering a mortally-wounded Eighth Air Force B-17 limping back to England, Luftwaffe ace Franz Stigler anticipated an easy kill, and another opportunity to avenge his brother’s death at the opening of World War II. As he approached the virtually helpless American plane, however, seeing the faces of he dead and wounded, Stigler’s eyes met those of pilot Charles Brown. Despite the potentially severe consequences of letting an enemy plane go, Stigler found that he had to answer a higher call…Mercy.

Expecting the worst at any moment, Brown marveled as the enemy Me109 stuck with him all the way to the North Sea coast. His adversary then saluted him and veered away, allowing the astonished Brown to journey home. With this encounter engraved into the minds of both pilots for decades after the war’s end, the two men remarkably discovered each other in 1990. Over the years that followed, their friendship developed to the point that Stigler considered Brown to have replaced he brother he had lost.

The painting A Higher Call was completed in 2009, and depicts the moment in time in which Franz Stigler saluted Charles Brown and crew before veering off and allowing them to return home.