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ABOUT Avengers of the Philippines

Late November, 1944… As smoldering enemy ships mark a trail to Manila Bay, Avengers and Hellcats of Air Group 51 overfly the isle of Corregidor on their return to the carrier USS San Jacinto. With the misty mountains of Bataan standing as a silent sentinel, Naval LT (JG) George H.W. Bush pilots his TBM Avenger in one of his last combat missions of WWII. The valor of Bush’s group in the Battle of Leyte Gulf and in the strikes on Manila Bay helped pave the way for MacArthur’s campaign to liberate the Philippines.

The painting Avengers of the Philippines was completed in 2007. The concept for this scene was conceived by the Pennsylvania-based Valor Studios, who commissioned the painting, and published it as a lithograph edition, many prints of which were signed by President George H.W. Bush and some of his fellow pilots from his World War II days in the Pacific.