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This limited-edition lithograph measures 37"x 26.25" (32"x19.75" image), printed on beautiful, acid-free 120 lb. stock. All prints include Certificate of Authenticity. All multi-signature prints also include historical profile booklet with photos & signers biographical info.

Main Edition - Series A: (#1 - 550)
19 to 15 signatures


Main Edition - Series B: (#551 - 726)
14 -10 signatures


726 total, numbered to commemorate the total number of American military POWs in the Vietnam War

Artist Proofs*


151 total, numbered to commemorate the total number of U.S Navy POWs with 21 to 20 Signatures

Publisher Proofs*


60 total Publisher Proofs with 23 to 22 Signatures

Display Edition


200 prints, signed by the Artist only

ABOUT Into the Storm

Personally signed by numerous U.S. Navy veterans who flew and fought in the F-4 Phantom. Representing many Navy squadrons, this group includes POWs, MiG Killers, Admirals and more who flew this legendary aircraft from the decks of carriers during on of history’s most violent conflicts.The combined experience of these signers amounts to over 75,000 hours in the Phantom!

During the war in Vietnam, no aircraft played a more dominant role in air combat than McDonnell’s legendary F-4 Phantom. Extensively utilized by the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, this aircraft in the hands of Naval aviators performed admirably, from the first official missions of the war following the Tonkin Gulf incident to covering the final evacuation from Saigon. Throughout the conflict, though Phantoms pounded targets in the North and South, it is best remembered as a Fighter, racking up a long list of MiG kills. The F-4’s 2-man team consisted of a pilot and RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) and was capable of speeds over Mach 2, utilizing air-to-air & air-to-ground missiles, a variety of bombs, with later models incorporating a cannon as well.

Into the Storm depicts two Phantoms passing the USS Constellation on a MiGCAP mission, armed with Sparrow and Sidewinders in 1967. Two stalwart squadrons are represented here; VF-143’s “Pukin’ Dogs” and VF-142’s “Ghostriders”, who flew together as sister squadrons throughout the war.

A special thanks for research on this painting goes to one of our great signers, Commander James B. “JayBee” Souder (RIO, lead plane 302). Souder, in addition to achieving the longest aerial intercept during the war, and being credited with the destruction of a MiG 21 in October of ’67, was later shot down in 1972 and captured by the North Vietnamese. During his time as a POW he would receive high honors for his life-saving actions. The print edition of Into the Storm is dedicated to the war’s 726 American POWs, 151 of whom were of the U.S. Navy, and is numbered in its Main Edition and Artist Proof edition to commemorate these brave Americans.