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These limited-edition lithographs measure 37” x 23" with an image area of 31.5" x 16.25", and are printed on beautiful acid-free 120 lb. cover stock. Each multi-signature print includes a Certificate of Authenticity and historical profile containing photos and biographical information on each of the signers. The total number of all editions of this title is 1,775, in honor of the year in which the United States Marine Corps was established. The first 500 bear the signatures of 13 extraordinary veterans who made history at Iwo Jima.

Main Edition


500 prints, individually numbered & signed by the artist and 13 WWII Iwo Jima veterans
(11 Marines & two B-29 Airmen)

Display Edition


Prints # 501 thru 1775 signed by the artist only

ABOUT Iwo Jima: A Hard Won Haven

Personally signed by United States Marines and B-29 Airmen who made history on the volcanic island of Iwo Jima during the climactic final chapters of World War II.

Iwo Jima, a charred, volcanic speck in the Pacific, became a thing of beauty to B-29 crews in trouble, returning from missions against Japan in early 1945. The U.S. Marines paid dearly for their countrymen to live, in what was one of the most famous battles in history. In 36 days of combat, beween six and seven thousand Marines died taking Iwo, with many thousands more wounded. It’s estimated that the lives of nearly 25,000 airmen were spared as a result of being able to make emergency landings there. In this scene, a crippled Superfortress of the 34th Bomb Group limps onto Iwo Jima’s hard-won runway, carved from the volcanic rock stretching outward from the base of Mt. Suribachi, site of the famous flag-raising made famous in the world-renowned image by wartime photographer Joseph Rosenthal.

The painting Iwo Jima: A Hard-Won Haven was completed in 2006, and was unveiled for the first time at the opening of the beautiful National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia. At this time, the painting and a lithograph edition was signed by a group of veterans of the battle of Iwo Jima, including Marines and B-29 pilots who made emergency landings there.