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ABOUT Red-Tail Angels

During the tumultuous days of World War II, the all-black squadrons comprising the 332nd Fighter Group, better known as the “Tuskegee Airmen”, achieved fame in the skies over North Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe. Despite the obstacles of prejudice and segregation, these patriotic individuals pressed on to become on of America’s best fighter units. In over 200 escort missions, these intrepid pilots never lost a friendly bomber in their charge to enemy fighter attack, earning them the nickname “Red-Tail Angels”. In this scene, 99th Squadron pilot “Wild Bill” Campbell in his P-51D and William Holloman in his P-51C fend off enemy FW190s from a crippled B-24 Liberator.

The Painting Red-Tail Angels was completed in 1997, and a lithograph edition was signed by groups of original Tuskegee Airmen, including their famed Commanding Officer, Benjamin O. Davis. Prints were signed in several locations, including Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Southern California and Minnesota.  This painting has appeared on the cover of Aviation History magazine, has illustrated articles in various periodicals,  and has been reproduced in mural size for the Chanute AeroMuseum, located in Rantoul, Illinois, which was the former locale for training personnel for the Tuskegee Airmen’s 99th Fighter Squadron.