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Please see ABOUT THE SIGNERS section for info about signers.All prints in their specific editions will be sold with the maximum number of available signatures on a first-come, first served basis.

Open Edition


Image Area= 34” x 17" - Signed by Artist Only

Gold Edition

$495 or $425ea.

300 Prints total Gold Series A - $495 with at least 30 Signatures (under 100 available)

Gold Series B - $425 27 to 29 Signatures

Silver Edition


325 Prints total - 16 to 20 Signatures

Bronze Edition


525 Prints total - 5 to 6 Signatures

Canvas Giclee Editions

$1,195, $895, $735ea.

60”x 30” image area $1,195
48”x 24” image area $895
40”x 20” image area $735

ABOUT Reno Gold - The 1st Half Century

Currently available as an open “Unlimited” edition lithograph and limited edition canvas giclée. In September 2015, a Limited Edition lithograph edition will be available, personally signed by Reno Air Race pilots representing the exciting first century heritage of the National Championship Air Races at Reno. A smaller format display poster version of this painting may also be available at this time as well.

In 1964, the roar of high performance warbirds echoed over the high desert landscape at Stead Air Force Base in the very first Reno Air Race. Shown in this ‘heritage’ scene is an assortment of Unlimited Class racers, representing the first 50 years of this exciting annual September event. Consisting of stock and modified warbirds and “purpose-built” propeller-driven aircraft, many speed records have been set and broken over the years, thrilling audiences who flock from locations all around the globe to witness the fastest piston show on Earth.

Aircraft shown in painting, from top to right, clockwise: Ol’ Yeller, Strega, Smirnoff Bearcat, Conquest I, Bardahl Miss, Rare Bear, Dago Red, Precious Metal, Czechmate, Miss America, Tsunami, Dreadnought, Critical Mass, September Fury, Super Corsair, Voodoo, White Lightnin’, Miss Van Nuys, Miss Merced, Miss Ashley, Red Baron, Ridge Runner, Pond Racer, Jeannie