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ABOUT Summer of ‘42

Personally signed by more than 16 original AVG veterans, this scene depicts the famous Flying Tigers over the beautiful Li River as they return to their base in Kweilin, China in 1942.

Chinese cormorant fishermen apply their centuries-old trade as a mixed bag of shark-mouthed P-40 “Tomahawk” and P-40E “Kittyhawk” fighters of the legendary American Volunteer Group, return from patrol low over the picturesque Li River, near their base in Kweilin, China during mid-1942. Under the brilliant and often controversial leadership of Claire Lee Chennault, the AVG achieved a remarkable combat record since its debut in late 1941. Better known as the Flying Tigers, the AVG was disbanded July 4, 1942 to be succeeded by the U.S. Army Air Corps’ 23rd Fighter Group, who also served with distinction under Chennault through the end of the war.

The painting Summer of ’42 was completed in 2004. The original oil painting and lithograph editions were signed by a gathering of AVG veterans in Orlando, Florida in the same year, as well as several other AVG members at their homes in Texas.