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ABOUT We were a Band of Brothers

June 5, 1944, Upottery Airfield, England…As evening sets in, Lt. Richard Winters confers with his “Band of Brothers”, the paratroopers of Company E, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne. On this eve of D-Day, Winters holds a letter from Colonel Robert Sink, Easy Co’s regimental commander, which announces “tonight is the night of nights”. Soon in the darkness, the 439th Troop Carrier Group will transport these young men into German-occupied France to spearhead Europe’s emancipation from the Axis.

The painting We Were a Band of Brothers was completed in 2004, and was the first in a series of Band of Brothers paintings by John Shaw, who worked first hand with several original Easy Company vets to get details of what individuals and specific gear, weapons, etc., to include in the painting. Actual likenesses shown from left to right are: Don Malarkey (on ground w/ rifle), Forrest Guth, Dick Winters, Bill Guarnere, Buck Compton, Paul Rogers (far right). We Were a Band of Brothers was the co-published with Ghost Wings Magazine, which later became the art publisher Valor Studios. Shaw’s follow-up paintings in this series are Hang Tough: Bastogne 1944, completed in 2006 and The Eagle’s Nest, completed in 2008.